Privacy Policy

The Internet Must Go collects the following information:
  • Session ID
    For browsers that support cookies, we place a session cookie so that we can provide the user with enhanced features from page to page like the queue of videos/content they have queued up to watch later.
  • Tracking Cookie
    To help us understand what avenues of arrival and which content helps prompt the most action (signing up for our email list, sharing our content on social media, and clicking out to partner organizations), we place a long term tracking cookie in browsers that support cookies. We use this in aggregate form to give us statistics on which entry points to the website and which pieces of content produce which actions at what proportion.
  • Google Analytics
    We use google analytics and other similar systems to help us better understand where traffic to our site is going, and which avenues of entry and content prompt which types of actions. This is used in non-personally identifying ways -- in aggregate forms, so we can better partner with traffic affiliates and our content creation.
  • Opt-In Facebook Login
    For users who want to personalize a "share message" we offer the option of opting-in to logging into our site via Facebook's authorization API. We do this to collect their profile picture and name. We do not collect, hold, nor store any passwords nor emails from Facebook.  We do store the facebook user ID, profile picture and name of the users who opt in to the system. We then show the profile picture and name of the user with their personal share message that they have created to people who click on the URL that is created for them. This is also known as a personalized landing page. This opt-in process involves heavy user-interaction and clear opt-in, and only happens while the user is using the system and consenting explicitly along the way, including a final Facebook API controlled “Share Dialog” that lets the user preview their Facebook post before it is posted.
    We do not ask for authorization to independently post messages nor photos to the user's timeline, nor for any advanced Facebook API permissions -- we utilize the most basic, simple authorization system that Facebook has to offer. The duration of the authorization is determined by Facebook, and has to be re-authorized between user visits, per Facebook's API functionality. We do not use the Facebook login authorization for any other purposes, and do not use the authorization between user visits.
  • Email and Zip Code
    We prompt for and users can opt-in to sign up for our email newsletter by providing their email address and zip-code. We store this information and also utilize a third-party mailing list manager, MailChimp to also store the information. We do not ask for names nor passwords when collecting email and zipcodes. MailChimp uses the information to send a confirmation email to the user to verify their email address and their consent for joining the email newsletter.
  • IP Address
    We store the IP addresses of visitors to our site for security purposes, mostly to be able to identify and prevent abusive use of the system, and to do geographic analysis (see where our visitors are coming from geographically) in the future. We store IP address information along side all information we collect, in our database and server log files, including but not limited to email newsletter signup, “personalized share message,” Facebook login authorization, page view logs, etc.
  • Usage Information
    We collect information about which pages are viewed, which buttons are clicked, how much of a given video a user has watched, if a user signs up for an email newsletter, if a user adds a video to a queue, and which outbound links are clicked, and referrer information (Where users came to us from). We store this information in conjunction with tracking cookie ID, IP address, and session ID information, to better calculate statistics about which content, buttons, videos, etc., perform the best, which perform poorly, and which actions are most popular with users, so we can better create content, feature popular outbound links to partner organizations, and improve the user experience.
  • Information We Share
    We do not share information with other parties except:
    1. From time to time, in our email newsletter, we may feature content from partner organizations that we think people who have subscribed to our newsletter may be interested in. 2. In aggregate form, we reserve the right to share statistics about user behavior and how users used our website, to help partner organizations or other parties better design their websites, including, but not limited to the aggregate data usage requirements of Google Analytics.

    We will never share or sell personally identifying information except where explicitly made public by the user themselves (if they create a “personalized share message” and share the link, their name, photo, facebook user id, and share message will be public).